Humour against hacking campaign in Asia

Asian bluestamp of Humour against Hacking awareness campaign

“Will the humour be understood?”, European companies with offices in Asia have asked us, as they expressed concern whether the ‘Humour against Hacking’ awareness campaign would be suitable for an Asian audience. So we asked a competent Asian business woman based in Manila in the Philippines, Pam Skouhus, to review our animated video films, including the new GDPR film about the EU personal data regulation. Her reply was: “Yes, they all go down well. The humour is being understood.” Humour against hacking awareness campaign in Asia Ms Pam Skouhus – photographed in …

GDPR for employees. Campaigh from - copyritght Kelsa Media

GDPR for employees

The reason is the difficulties of understanding details and instructions before you get the overwiew of the main ideas in the ‘General Data Protection Regulation.’ This is what this is about. Communitation is always a challenge when it comes to difficult topics, but the animation way might be a good, first step. With short time to become compliant to GDPR, you might need a shortcut.Contact us for an offer of the film for your organization Learn more about the GDPR campaign from ‘Humour against hacking’