Spot the bad guys in our phishing test

A phishing test - also known as a simulated phishing attack - is very effective. It can give us an insight into how resistant employees are to phishing.


Let us do a phishing test for your employees

We can run a simulated phishing attack for your organisation or company, where a cleverly customised fake email is sent to all your employees, just as if it were a real phishing attack. The purpose is to test and raise your employees' awareness and vigilance in relation to cyber security.


Empower your employees to be more responsive

Employees are the front line in the fight against hackers and cybercriminals, and it's a fight you'll only win when all employees fully understand how to protect themselves and the organisation from hacking attacks.


Phishing tests that are right for you

We often refer to a simulated phishing attack as a 'phishing test'. You can choose one of our templates - or we can design one or more phishing emails with you.

With a phishing email designed just for you, you get the most out of your investment.


Results of the phishing test

The test provides a clear picture of how the phishing email is received in the organisation and by the individual employee.

Are links clicked and confidential passwords entered?

Run a phishing-test

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Did you know that every day...

156 million phishing emails are sent

16 million phishing emails slip through spam filters and into employee inboxes

8 million phishing emails are opened

80,000 people fall into a phishing trap

Source: IT Governance UK

Survey: One in four employees fall into the phishing trap

When we - in collaboration with a company or organisation - launch a phishing test - a simulated phishing attack - we prepare very well together with the organisation's IT department.

Custom design: We design an email with content that appears trustworthy, so it's not easy to recognise that it's a fake phishing email unless you know what to look for, such as the domain name of the email.

At an agreed time, we hit the SEND button - and the simulated phishing attack begins, sending hundreds or thousands of emails - one to each employee in the organisation.

Documentation: In the hours and days that follow, we document how easy or difficult it would be for skilled cybercriminals to trick employees into clicking dangerous links, opening virus-laden files or even revealing their personal username and password.

The results are disturbing: it turns out that one in four employees fall into the phishing trap.

The exact figure of how many people fell into the trap often draws a lot of attention in the organisation - and it's much better that it happens under controlled conditions than the day cybercriminals are able to successfully trick employees. That's why phishing tests are so effective.

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