About Kelsa Media and
Humour against hacking

Kelsa Media is a professional media producer with a background in journalism and visual communication.

We go all-in on developing cyber security awareness 'Humour against hacking' - we have room for innovation and collaboration with customers.

Core competences: Creative e-learning with interactivity, gaming, animation, video, photography, graphics and text - in many different combinations.

Kelsa Media team
Lis Kelsa

Kelsa Media's Founder, Director and Board Member


Tage Kraup hos Kelsa Media og Humor mod hacking
Tage Krarup

Sales Manager and International Development

Jeppe Kelså

Partner and Board Member

Jonathan Wright

Web Developer and
IT Support

Mik Aidt

Partner, Producer,
Graphic Designer


Matilde Fevre

Board Member

Jesper Veis

Sales and marketing

Ronnie Alstrup Ziegler

IT support

Pernille Berg Lassen

Communication and analysis

Permanent consultants
Thomas Janke

Speaker and consultant at Kelsa Media

Speeches and lectures

Tine Tuxen Løvstrand

Speaker and consultant at Kelsa Media

Speeches and lectures

Morten Eskildsen

Speaker and consultant at Kelsa Media

Speeches and lectures


Spoiler & Blackhat
Mail Vacant


About Kelsa Media - global organisation

We are an international company with consultants, friends, acquaintances and business partners all over the world. The company is headquartered in Ry, south of Aarhus, Denmark.

We work with a whole host of great people. Both as actual partners and as suppliers to Kelsa Media and 'Humour against hacking' awareness. We are always open to new assignments and collaborations.

More about Kelsa Media's partners

More about Kelsa Media and Lis Kelsa's background

Kelsa Media: Communication specialists

Kelsa Media's core competency is to communicate heavy and difficult topics in an easy, understandable and inspiring way.

Kelsa Media uses a full range of tools: e-learning, animated films, video, podcasts, photos, articles, graphics - published on many different platforms and with many different forms of expression.

At Kelsa Media, we have many years of experience in media and communication in Denmark and globally.

We specialise in using many different tools. This allows us to effectively select and utilise the entire communication toolbox.

About the 'Humour against hacking' awareness campaign

Kelsa Media started working on the campaign Humour against hacking in 2015 together with University College Lillebælt and Ja Film. Since then, we have developed the concept in collaboration with customers and partners in a number of organisations, companies and authorities. Thus, it is the current threat assessments that define the content and form of the campaign.

Contributions from Kelsa Media's customers and partners

The needs and wishes of customers and partners for cyber security awareness e-learning also contribute to the development of Humour Against Hacking, so that employees gain basic knowledge about IT security and GDPR. The courses cover the requirements of ISO 27001, the D-mark and NIS2.

The Humour Against Hacking concept

Humour Against Hacking is today a large awareness concept with e-learning courses in many languages. It also offers LMS (Learning Management System), phishing tests, nudging, lectures and events. And we are rapidly developing new offerings and initiatives for the benefit of our customers.

About the team behind Humour Against Hacking

The materials are produced by a team of professional experts in communication and IT security. These are people with extensive experience in awareness training who know what it takes to get "under the skin" of people who may not naturally feel motivated to learn about IT security and personal data.

Kelsa Media has competences in all genres of communication and project management. This enables us to juggle different genres so that we can hit the mark with different target groups.

Continuous development of Humour against hacking and other topics

We also work with topics other than cyber security and hacking, and have several themes in development with large organisations operating internationally.

Kelsa Media ApS

Owner and producer: Lis Kelså

CVR: DK-41453249 | Tel: (+45) 2261 0041 | Email: lis@kelsa.dk

www.kelsa.dk | www.humouragainsthacking.com