Emergency response exercises

Experienced and skilled cyber security experts plan and execute preparedness exercises tailored to you.

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Imagine hackers and cybercriminals threatening to shut you down? Quick action is required. But do you know what to do? Who should be involved and how?

We help you test your preparedness. Preparedness exercises are all about due diligence.


Due diligence with emergency preparedness exercises

We collaborate on customised preparedness exercises with some of Denmark's top cyber security experts.

In an emergency preparedness exercise, the focus is on management and key employees. They are the ones who need to be able to act quickly and efficiently in critical situations such as hacker attacks, power outages and natural disasters.

How well are you prepared for these critical situations?

Preparedness exercises reveal weaknesses

Under controlled conditions, key employees are exposed to different incidents that closely resemble real-life situations. We prepare thoroughly and work with dilemmas that exercise leaders present and manage.

Sådan tænker hackerne - event med Thomas Janke

The purpose is to test the organisation's existing contingency plans and resilience, and it is the best way to identify vulnerabilities and gaps in the contingency plans.

During the exercise and afterwards, the employees involved will gain new insights and will be able to evaluate and improve the contingency plans.

This strengthens the cybersecurity maturity and resilience of the entire organisation.

And even though we often put a humorous twist on all our awareness, we know it's serious...

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