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How we change behaviour and habits

When we need to change habits, it rarely happens by itself. It's the same with IT habits. It takes more than that. Employees need to be inspired and entertained so they remember the important points.

That's why we use humour in cybersecurity e-learning.

E-learning is the fastest, best and cheapest way to improve employee understanding of cybersecurity and personal data. Plus, it's flexible. Employees can take the short and inspiring courses whenever it suits them.

That's why we offer humourous e-learning on cybersecurity and GDPR.

The cybersecurity e-learning course 'Humour against hacking' is produced by Kelsa Media in collaboration with experts from municipalities, companies and NGOs within both cybersecurity and GDPR.

Get started quickly with online e-learning on cybersecurity and personal data

Awareness courses from 'Humour Against Hacking' contain all the important messages about IT security. Covering phishing, ransomware, CEO fraud, passwords and managing data both at work and at home.

The content is fully tested and can be used immediately in all organisations. Customisation and tailoring of cybersecurity e-learning to the individual company is also possible.


Quiz & Gaming

Each course module contains both videos and quizzes. The content is serious and serious - with a twist of humour. Most people learn best when dry messages are served with smiles and visual elements.



An awareness campaign has the greatest impact if short training modules are sent out to the organisation every month or every other month. This is how you keep the pot boiling.


Documentation of learning and behaviour change

Learning and behaviour change becomes effective when results are captured and documented in a Learning Management System (LMS).

The technical platform

Humour against hacking cybersecurity e-learning is available in several ways:

  • Delivered as SCORM packages that you can upload to your own LMS system
  • Access the courses on Kelsa Media's LMS e-learning platform
  • You access the courses on a web server without collecting participation data.

Content in our e-learning on  cybersecurity and personal data

The content is fully tested and can be used immediately in any organisation. Cybersecurity e-learning content and other materials can also be customised for individual organisations.

Humorous cartoons

A series of short, humorous cartoons to engage employees in the latest cyber security issues.

Texts with topical content

We provide text and content for the launch campaign and communication with employees.

Detailed campaign plan

A comprehensive campaign

plan ensures a successful rollout in the organisation over a longer period of time.

Quizzes, tests and prizes

Exciting quiz modules and promotional prizes to test and engage employees.

Nudging materials

Attractive mugs, roll-up banners, posters, post-it notes and other physical materials support learning.

Video interviews

Interviews with the organisation's leaders. When leadership sets the direction, the impact of the effort is significantly greater.

Learning material

Dissemination of videos and articles by IT security experts - on your organisation's intranet or via social media.

Talks and events

Engaging talks with experts who know the new threats from cybercriminals.

Emergency preparedness exercises

Key employees are put under pressure in realistic scenarios: simulated hacker attacks and power outages.

E-learning for cybersecurity works!

This is shown by the experiences of Tryg Forsikring, Bestseller, Blue Water Shipping, 3F, Realdania, DLG, Unifeeder, Gladsaxe Municipality, PensionDanmark, the Ministry of Culture and several other organisations that have used one or more elements from the 'Humour against hacking' series from Kelsa Media in recent years.

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Document that the campaign works with LMS

Many organisations need to be able to document that employees have undergone awareness training. Therefore, we offer to integrate the 'Humour against hacking' campaign into an LMS system, a Learning Management System. This can be your own LMS or it can be the LMS we offer.

With an LMS, you can track the individual employee's course participation, which provides a unique picture of the employees' understanding of the subject. This also means that you can target exactly those employees who need extra help to understand how personal data should be handled and what role they play in the organisation's information security.

In short: LMS documentation is a fantastic tool that helps make your awareness campaign so effective that even the Data Protection Agency and the National Audit Authority will be satisfied if they should be knocking on your door one day.


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