Lecture with whitehat hacker Morten Eskildsen

'Think like a hacker'

Morten Eskildsen works with IT security in a large Danish company. His background is a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Department of Computer Science at Aarhus University. He is a 'whitehat hacker' - meaning he has the expertise of a hacker but stays on the side of the law. In 2017, he was team captain of the Danish national cyberteam.

'Think like a hacker'

You can book Morten Eskildsen to come and give a talk at your organisation. His presentation is titled 'Think like a hacker', and here Morten Eskildsen goes into detail about:

- How does a hacker think

- How organisations can use this knowledge

- Why awareness is important

- How to involve employees as an active part of IT security defence

The presentation lasts 30 minutes with an opportunity for questions for 15-30 minutes afterwards.

Morten has two versions of the presentation, depending on which employees he is speaking to:

1. the core employees who have day-to-day responsibility for the organisation's IT and personal data security

IT staff, HR staff, management, board of directors

2. Employees - the hackers' favourite targets

The "ordinary" employees who have a limited focus on IT security in their daily lives and don't fully realise how important they are as players in the fight against hackers. Nine out of ten hacker attacks start with a phishing email where an employee clicks on a link that shouldn't have been clicked. Morten Eskildsen shares his insights and understands that it is precisely the employees who have an important co-responsibility for ensuring that the organisation has a strong defence against the hackers' increasingly cunning and cunning attacks.


"IT security is of course important to counter the persistent and major cyber threats that affect Denmark these years.

But IT security is also important because we need to be able to trust the everyday things we surround ourselves with in a digital world. A smart fridge shouldn't be able to be hacked to order the entire supermarket. Just like I need to know that my self-driving car won't crash.

As a computer scientist, I want to help ensure the security of our everyday lives."

~ Morten Eskildsen, Cybersecurity Expert, Whitehat Hacker, former Captain of the Danish National Cyberteam

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Whitehat hacker Morten Eskildsen was captain of the Danish National Cyberteam in 2017. In this short video, recorded while he was stilla computer science student, Morten talks about one of the most significant threats to IT security:

Hacking is BIG business. It's estimated that global cybercrime annually amounts to the equivalent of building 250 Great Belt bridges(*) - over DKK 27 billion a day.

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