GDPR explained in two minutes

After two minutes of a simple, humorous and clear explanation of what GDPR is all about, something amazing happens: Employees drop their shoulders and exclaim: "Oh, so that's how it works. It's not as bad a monster as I thought. ..." - NOW they understand what GDPR is essentially about.

GDPR - a lot to take in

Spotlight on personal data and GDPR

With the personal data e-learning courses, we focus on the security of how employees handle personal data. In many organizations, this needs to be supplemented by their own rules. But it's much easier to get employees on board with the goal of personal data awareness when they understand the big picture.

Images and storytelling promote understanding and bind the organization together to achieve the goal: to take good care of personal data and handle personal data securely and responsibly.

When the EU GDPR is mentioned, the response is often "Sigh... it's so dry and boring!"

With the cartoons, all subsequent presentations about personal data and GDPR are much easier to understand.

The cartoons explain, among other things:

  • What is the EU General Data Protection Regulation and does it concern us?
  • Is it important for employees?
  • What can happen if it goes wrong?
  • What should I do if I accidentally share personal data with the wrong people?
  • Which rules are the most important to remember in everyday life?

The films can be used both internally for meetings and as information for employees, who can use their own computer to get the most important points of GDPR presented.

The films are available in Danish, English, German, French, Spanish, Norwegian and Swedish - with more languages on the way.


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