Cyber security awareness in multiple languages

Digital villains know no borders. That's why we offer our e-learning courses in multiple languages, so that together we can give cyber crooks a run for their money - no matter where we live.

We offer e-learning in many languages

Awareness with global reach

Many Danish companies juggle multiple languages on a daily basis and want to offer awareness training and e-learning in their employees' own languages, whether they are based in Poland, Germany, Argentina, China, Russia, Norway or Sweden.

E-learning in 12 languages

The Humour Against Hacking e-learning courses on cybersecurity and GDPR are therefore available in 12 different languages - and more are being added all the time. The multiple language versions make it easy for international organisations to provide all employees with the same knowledge and awareness of these topics, regardless of whether they speak English well or not.

New languages on the wish list

If you need awareness training in a language that is not yet on our list, contact us. We'll find a solution.

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'Humour against hacking' tested in Asia

Humor mod hacking awareness kampagne i Asien

"Will the humour be understood?", Danish companies with offices in Asia have asked us. They were concerned about whether the 'Humour Against Hacking' material would be suitable for an Asian audience.

So we asked a competent Asian woman based in Manila, Philippines, Pam Skouhus, to review our animated cartoons. Her response was:

"Yes, it's going really well - the humour will be understood just fine. The storytelling and humour in the video clips I looked through are easy to follow and understand."

Humour against hacking in Asia

Pam Skouhus - pictured in her office in the image above - is the HR Manager at 1902 Software Development. In her review of Humour Against Hacking, she wrote:

"The subject matter is universal and the target audience for these videos can be expected to have a certain level of knowledge about data, security and breaches, cybercrime and related issues. And you don't have to be a Westerner to appreciate the humour in the cartoons. Personally, I found the videos positive and humorous in dealing with a really serious topic that is quite universal."

When asked whether it would be better if the animated characters had an Asian appearance, Pam Skouhus replied: "I wouldn't change anything in the way the cartoon characters look. They're fine the way they are."

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Awareness in Chinese

In China, there are almost 84,000 employees in Danish subsidiaries, and Chinese employees can be just as vulnerable to phishing and ransomware attempts as their Danish colleagues.

Chinese employees also need to learn the most important routines when it comes to cybersecurity. This is crucial for the organisation to be able to withstand hacking and ransomware attempts.

Cybercrime is such a threat today that many global companies are prioritising awareness training in employees' own languages, even if English is the company's corporate language.

That's why we've translated the Humour Against Hacking material into Chinese and 11 other languages.

The e-learning courses are used by over 350,000 employees in 70 different countries.

Cybersikkerhed awareness på kinesisk fra Humor mod hacking
Try our e-learning in Chinese

Here we play with speaking in different languages - watch the demo video

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                  Multilingual awareness training on cyber                  security and personal data

It's a huge advantage when awareness training on cybersecurity and personal data can be delivered in the languages that employees speak on a daily basis.

Figures from the Confederation of Danish Industry:

  • Danish companies have around 14,000 subsidiaries abroad
  • Together, they have approximately 1.5 million employees abroad.

This means that Danish companies also focus on cybersecurity and personal data in many different languages, and they want to offer awareness training and e-learning in their employees' own languages, regardless of whether their employees live in Poland, Germany, Spain, Argentina, Egypt or China.

Reducing language barriers ensures that ALL employees can be part of your organisation's 'human firewall' against hackers and cybercriminals.

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