Data security while traveling

When we're on the move - on short trips and long journeys - we need to focus on data security. That's what the movie 'Data security on the road' is all about.

Avoid the hackers' wireless traps

Uncertain connections and tricky traps

This video and the accompanying e-learning course with quiz and articles provide a number of good and important rules of thumb. They cover how employees can avoid data being compromised or stolen due to insecure connections and tricky traps while on the move.

This applies in airports, restaurants, conference rooms, hotel rooms and other such places, as well as in cars, on bikes, buses and trains.

Bandits in suits

Cybercriminals can disguise themselves as bandits in suits. And they can hide in places where you least expect it.

Humorous cartoon

The cartoon about data security while traveling is part of the 'Humor Against Hacking' campaign - an effective employee awareness campaign that can be used in all types of companies and organizations to prevent and inspire better IT security.

Wi-Fi: be careful

If a Wi-Fi network doesn't require a password, it indicates that the network is unprotected and anyone can access it.

Airports, hotels and cafes often offer free Wi-Fi to their guests, but hackers can easily create a free network with a name similar to that of the hotel or cafe. But how can you tell if a network is safe or unsafe? Find out in this e-learning course.

The wireless jungle

When we're on the go, we take it for granted that we can stay online and complete work tasks without any problems.

But as soon as we move away from the protected confines of the office, we enter a wireless jungle where hackers and cybercriminals are constantly on the lookout for easy prey. They have developed cunning methods to - without you knowing - lure you into a trap where they gain access to confidential data on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone.

Privacy, personal data and money at stake

We need to protect ourselves from nasty hacker attacks while we're on the move, so you need to be aware of the hackers' methods.

That's what this course is all about. We'll do a quick check-up on some of the most common attack methods and how you can protect yourself against them.

the 'humor against hacking' campaign is aimed at employees and includes videos, quizzes, promotional materials, campaign content and guidance.

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