Work from home safely

Hackers and cybercriminals take full advantage of the fact that in an inattentive or distracted moment, we can fall into one of their cunning traps.

IT security and personal data in the home office

E-learning course on secure working from home

Hackers are currently sending out scam emails and text messages in droves. Because cybercriminals have never had an easier time. Employees all over the world are being sent home - in a hurry - and need to work as best they can.

The hackers just need employees to be inattentive for a moment. Then they can take advantage of the situation to penetrate organisations' systems. That's why we must remember to keep a close eye on who the senders are and be careful about handing over private and confidential information.


The 'Humour Against Hacking' campaign is aimed at employees and includes videos, quizzes, promotional materials, campaign content and guidance.

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