Lecture on hacking with Thomas Janke

'Wild tools of the hackers'

Foredrag med IT-sikkerhedsekspert Thomas Janke fra Humor mod hacking
Thomas Janke is an IT security expert. He is part of the cyber department of a large Danish company. Every day, hackers and cybercriminals try to penetrate the technical defences and also whether they can fool employees. All to gain access to the company's IT systems and data.

Thomas Janke talks about the wild tools of hackers - and how hackers think and work. It's necessary to keep hackers out.

"One of the most important weapons is to be able to think like a hacker," he says.

Hacking tools can be bought on the internet - and they're not very expensive. A so-called PINEAPPLE is one of the hacker tools that Thomas Janke carries in his hacker suitcase. He talks about it in the video here:

Lecture with IT security expert Thomas Janke with a look inside the hacker suitcase

Hacking is BIG business. It is estimated that global cybercrime annually amounts to the equivalent of building 250 Great Belt bridges(*) - over DKK 27 billion a day. You can hear lots of facts about hacking and cybercrime in our talks.

'Wild tools of the hackers'

Lecture with IT security expert Thomas Janke

Cybercriminals have a myriad of tools at their disposal when attacking an organisation - and more are coming. It can be an almost impossible task to figure out what strategy the hackers will use next. Will it be a clever phishing email? CEO fraud? Smishing? Or will they take a more technical approach by looking for bugs and configuration errors in the company's firewall?

In the talk "The Wild Tools of Hackers", we will be introduced to different tactics and attack strategies used by hackers. We'll try to see our IT systems from the hacker's perspective - and how we can discover any weaknesses in our cyber defence.

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