Five years of GDPR: Enrichment or burden?

Few people can answer this question with a clear YES or NO.

On one side: Good with more focus on data protection.

On the other side: Cumbersome with the many rules and procedures.

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An international perspective on GDPR

For businesses, GDPR creates legal costs and extra administrative procedures that can add to the cost of production. It can be difficult to see where we are going with the whole “GDPR circus”.

But then take a look outside the borders of the EU to Western countries that in many other respects are comparable to EU countries, but which have not implemented a regulatory framework similar to GDPR. Here it suddenly becomes clear how GDPR makes a difference.

Without GDPR, citizens become the victims
For example, in the past year, Australia has seen scandal after scandal where millions of citizens’ sensitive personal data has been hacked and sold to the highest bidder on the dark web because big companies in the pharmaceutical and telecoms industries have failed to properly safeguard their data.

The media reports story after story of citizens who have suffered financial loss or had frightening experiences of identity theft as a direct consequence.

Whether we see GDPR as an enrichment or a burden, we have to deal with the challenges that come with our increasingly digitised world. Cybercriminals and hackers continue to do everything they can to get their hands on our sensitive personal data.

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