Intruders and cyberspies

Humour Against Hacking turns the spotlight on physical data security in the workplace – with new training modules that are already in high demand.

Many cyberattacks start with a phishing email. But cybercriminals have many other tools and ways of working – and they are always at least two steps ahead.

One of the threats IT security experts are focussing on now is intruders and cyber spies. In a nutshell, this is when cybercriminals stroll in through the front door in a way that makes it look completely peaceful and legitimate. For example, disguised as tradesmen – or as bakery deliverymen bringing breakfast bread.

But in reality, they bring electronic gadgets that can set up surveillance or launch a hacker attack in a split second.

IT security experts from various companies and organisations have contributed to the development of the two new physical security training modules. Employees need to be made aware of the methods used by hackers so that intruders do not succeed in placing their electronic gadgets and dongles in our offices.

Cybersecurity awareness in many languages

Many Danish companies juggle multiple languages on a daily basis and want to offer awareness and e-learning in their employees’ own languages, whether they live in Poland, Germany, Argentina, China, Egypt or Spain.

The e-learning courses from Humour Against Hacking on cybersecurity and GDPR are now available in 12 different languages. The multiple language versions make it easy for international organisations to provide all employees with the same knowledge and awareness of these topics, regardless of whether they speak English well or not.

New languages on the wish list
If you need awareness in a language that is not yet on our list: Contact us. We’ll figure it out.

Danishk | English | German | Polish | French | Spanish
Norwegian | Swedish | Faroese | Arabic | Chinese | Russian

Awareness training that captivates and engages

Humour against hacking is an awareness training concept that

  • can be adapted and tailored to each organisation
  • has been worked through to the smallest detail with IT security specialists
  • is tried and tested in many types of organisations
  • Flexible with more than 25 different themes
  • comes complete with LMS, nudging materials and phishing test

Customer and user feedback: ‘Spot on, entertaining and effective.’


Contact us for an online guided tour of our awareness universe. We’re always ready for an informal chat. Let us show you our material and tell you about our experiences – and why our customers find it works so well.

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Newsletter published on 21 November 2023

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