Lock your computer

The video clip above is a 30 second excerpt from a cartoon video of 1:30 minute duration.

What could go wrong when you get up to fetch a cup of coffee without locking your computer?

Our computers are full of valuable things that are important to protect. This short video provides some valuable tips for employees about why and how we must all be locking our computers at any time we leave them.

PC tip

Use the [Windows]-key and press the letter L whenever you leave your PC

Unlocked computers are vulnerable

At many work places there are a myriad of people who move around in the buildings. This applies to both guests and staff, and many offices are shared by several employees.

In a moment when you least expect it, someone could easily approach your computer while you are away and have the opportunity to read your documents, edit them in your name or even copy them to somewhere else.

This could have serious implication for confidential documents and information.

The best thing you can do to protect content and confidential information is to lock your equipment. 

Smartphones and tablets at risk
This doesn't only apply to your computer. It is even more essential on your smartphone and tablet. If you forget or lose your smartphone or tablet somewhere, or if it gets stolen, and it's unlocked, intruders will be able to access everything.

You also need to make sure that unauthorised users can not open it by guessing or deselecting your password.

Lock your computer when you leave it – and make sure your mobile and tablet lock automatically whenever you are not using them.


Humorous cartoon series: BIG money at stake

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