Effective cyber security campaign with eye catchers

Nudging: Messages are better remembered when repeated.

The ‘Humour against hacking’ campaign has more impact when employees are reminded of its messages, for example in the canteen, in office corridors and in the foyer when they enter or leave work.

When employees see the campaign's easily recognisable graphics in common areas of the organisation, it can inspire small-talk as well as serious conversations about cyber security. And those conversations are invaluable.

Both the graphic material and the conversations improve the proceeds of the awareness campaign and help create a sense of togetherness and collective effort in the organisation.


Bespoke: The graphic material can be customised so it fits your organisation's identity and situation.

Posters for the campaign

In A3 or A4 size

We also have posters in various other languages, and they can be customised with company logo.


Pull-up banners


Can also be ordered with background colour to suit your organisation. Examples can be sent.



15 or 5 cm diametre



To give to the employee with best answers, highest score, fastest submission, or the 'cyber security employee of the month', etc. For instance a Powerbank recharger with company logo printed on