Data security while travelling

Avoid being tricked while you are on the move
The video clip is a 30 second excerpt from two video cartoons of 1:40 and 2:15 minutes duration

When we leave the office with our computers, tablets and mobile phones, there are many situations where we need to be careful and pay special attention. This applies to both short trips and long journeys.

The wireless jungle
We need to guard ourselves against vicious hacker attacks which we are vulnerable to while we are on the move. Privacy, personal data and money at stake.

For a start, you need to know the hackers' methods. Which is what this course will teach you about.

We do a quick check-up on some of the most common hacking methods, and we show you how you can protect yourself against them.

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VPN: Good data security on the journey

The so-called Virtual Private Network, VPN, provides a good protection against the hackers with encryption and other advanced technology. It is a piece of software that you can buy and install. The aim is to make the connection to the Internet network more secure. A VPN connection makes it virtually impossible for unauthorised persons to monitor the Internet traffic of the VPN user.

However, there are some important details. We explain about that in the course.

Good rules of thumb

  • Do not use free wifi if your device does not have a VPN
  • Do not use facilities that offer free charging of mobile batteries
  • If you are on a bus or train: Use a screen filter if you work with confidential data to prevent those sitting next to you to be able to read what you have on your screen
  • If your phone is suddenly on a network without you having set this up in advance or without you having requested it, you should be alert
  • Never leave your computer, tablet or mobile in wardrobes without safe monitoring

Humorous cartoon series: BIG money at stake

The film is part of ‘Humour against hacking’ – an effective awareness campaign for employees, which can be used in all types of companies and organisations in order to prevent becoming victim of a cyber crime.

‘Humour against hacking’ inspires and teaches employees how they can help secure the organisation against attacks.

Employee awareness is key to prevent becoming victim of cyber crime
Video series

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