E-learning course: Securely work from home




Give the employees a clear message about IT-security when working from home – with this e-learning course from Humour against hacking.

The course contains a short introduction followed by a mix of three short videos, six quiz-questions, an article and links to resources on the topic.

The messages in e-learning course and videos include:
• Hackers and IT criminals take advantage of the crisis situation
• They send lots of new phishing emails and smishing messages with coronavirus content
• Therefore: Pay special attention to what you click on

New work culture when working from home
• Be very careful about using your personal computer, tablet and mobile for work purposes
• Your children, family and friends are not to use your work computer and other devices you have received from your workplace.
• In particular, it is important that the work computer is not used to surf on the Internet or to play online games on
• If you go out and bring your computer in order to work on it, remember the general advice that using free, open and public wi-fi connections can be risky

GDPR also applies in the home workplace
• Personal data must be handled as attentively as usual
• No ID, social security or other personal numbers in ordinary email
• Personal data may only be archived in your organisation’s closed, secure systems

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