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Humour against hacking

Campaign with video cartoons

Demosite for Ralph Kronieger, First Things First, Holland.
Confidential llink and not to be shared.
This page will be visible until 01.02.18 – or according to other plans.

Here you find all the demo cartoons in our campaign and in full length.

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Se more campaign materiale (in danish): test / quiz, roll-ups , posters and other eyecatchers.


GDPR – English


‘Humour against hacking’ is a creative, effective and humourous campaign on Informationsecurity. Offered for organizations and companies to create awareness towards cybercrime.

All material can be scaled and customized in various ways.

» Contact Kelsa Media: – tel.  (+45) 2261 0041

‘Humour against hacking’ – themes to watch below:

  • Lock your PC
  • Secure passwords
  • Phishing: Be aware
  • Data on secure servers
  • Ransomware: Be aware
  • Confidential info in general
  • Confidential info in mail
  • CEO fraud: Be aware
  • Quiz-test demo
  • Skype for business, intro

1. Lock your pc – English

2. Passwords – English

3. Phishing – English

4. Data storing – English

5. Ransomware – English

6. Confidential info – English

7. Confidential mails – English

8. CEO-fraud – English


QUIZ-test – demo 🙂

Can be delievered as scorm to fit your own LMS

Kelsa Media quiz Humour against hacking copyright

Updated 11-12-2017

Humour Against Hacking is an Infosecurity Campaign –

It is offered for organisations and companies for education of employees.

Produced by Kelsa Media in Denmark with all copyrights for this material.

» Contact Kelsa Media: – tel (+45) 2261 0041

SKYPE for BUSINESS – 2 minute tour

Can be customized